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OUVC is always happy to hear from our alumni! If your name isn't already listed on the alumni section of our site, then please get in touch using this form and we'll update it! If you're not fussed about your name appearing on the site, but you would like to receive the emails that get sent to our alumni mailing list along with an invitation to the annual Alumni Matches, then get in touch with our Alumni Officer.

Also non-students, who played in the NVL, are a valuable part of the club and we are looking for your details too! It would be great to be in touch with all of you again and to complete the History and Achievements page on the website. Do let us know if you'd like to add anything to the existing page.

Alumni Matches

We are very happy that we are still in touch with all these wonderful people and we have organised three great alumni matches so far. You can read about them online:

The 2011 Alumni Match is yet to be arranged, please check back here for an update once it's been organised.

Where did everyone go after Oxford?

On this map we have collected the current location of many alumni. Anyone close to you?

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Let us know where you are!

If you're not already on our map it would be great to hear where you are now! If you have played for OUVC at some time in the past, please could you complete this form so that we can update our records and the map? We'll only use your email address to send you the OUVC newsletter (normally 3 editions per year) and an invitation to the annual Alumni Match and Club Dinner.

Alumni Newsletters

Volume 1, 2007-2008

1. Michaelmas Term 2007

2. Trinity Term 2008

Volume 2, 2008-2009

1. Hilary Term 2009

Volume 3, 2009-2010

1. Michaelmas Term 2009

2. Trinity Term 2010


OUVC is trying to strengthen the relationship with its alumni. The idea of this is first and foremost an informal opportunity to keep in touch with volleyball friends and to relive the Oxford life. However, for our club it is often difficult to find enough funding to provide enough training opportunities etc. In addition, the Sports Federation may in the future not receive as much funding from the colleges, which means that our funding will even decrease. Some alumni may be willing to support the club. This can be in the form of a small annual amount, or a one-off gift. OUVC would be very grateful for anything our alumni are willing to give and we will put it to good use. We have teamed up with the Development Office to organise this fundraising from our alumni. If you complete one of the forms below and send it to the Oxford University development office, the money will be put in a savings account and each year we will receive the interest. In this way we build to a sustainable future for OUVC! Thank you very much for your contribution!

You can now also give money to OUVC online, through the University Development Office's website. If you select 'sports' from the drop down menu, and then 'volleyball club' on the next page, we will benefit from your gift directly!

Here are the forms if you don't wish to use the online facility:

Questions or Comments?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our Alumni Officer.