Volleyball Cuppers and 4max Tournament 2013

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Oxford University Volleyball Club, in association with Oxford City Council, invites you to take part in our annual grass 4-a-side volleyball tournaments.

There will be two tournaments running alongside each other - the Oxford University Volleyball Cuppers Competition and the 4MAX Tournament.

The Volleyball Cuppers Competition is an inter-college tournament for students of Oxford University.

The 4MAX Tournament is organised for the general public. We are hoping to attract students from Oxford Brookes university, language schools, members of local sports clubs and sport centres as well as more experienced volleyball players.

If you haven't taken part in the competition before, here's a video to give you a preview of what it's about...

When and where?

Both competitions will be played on Saturday 4th May 2013, sign-in time 10:45am. Games are expected to go on until 5 or 6pm.

Both the 4MAX and the Cuppers will be played in University Park, Oxford.


To play in the 4MAX tournament you have to be 16+. If you are under 18 (but over 16) you will need a parental consent form.

To play in the Cuppers tournament all members of your team have to be students at Oxford University. It would be most fun to have college teams, but you don't officially all have to be from the same college. Oxford University staff and Oxford Brookes students and staff are not eligible to join Cuppers but are very welcome to join the 4MAX.


Please register using our online form. You might be able to register on the day, depending on the number of teams - but it's much better & safer to register your team in advance.

There will be a registration fee of £5 for each Cuppers team and £15 for each 4Max team, to be collected when you sign in on the day.

Structure and Rules

Standard indoor volleyball rules apply. Please be aware that it is not allowed to touch the net or to place your foot over the line under the net, because this can easily cause injuries.

At least one woman has to be on the court at all times during the game. If your team does not have at least one female member you will not be allowed to take part.

The games will be 4vs4 so during the games a maximum of 4 players can be on the court on each side. Teams with more than four players are very welcome and the substitutes can rotate onto the court between points.

Each match will be best of 3 sets. The first two sets are played to 25, i.e. the first team to get 25 points wins a set. If one team wins the first two sets the match is over. The third deciding set (if necessary) is played to 15 points uncapped, i.e. the winning team has to win by 2 points.

In the Cuppers tournament each team can have a maximum of two OUVC players on court at any time.

In each competition teams will be randomly placed into pools. Your team will play every other team in your pool. Top teams will proceed to the semi-finals. Bottom teams will play more matches against teams from other pools. The exact number of teams advancing to semi-finals will be determined on the day depending on the final number of teams in each competition.

If a team is not playing, then it is expected that they will volunteer at least one person to referee/score the game from their group.

Teams are expected to register beforehand (although registration on the day may be possible) and payment will be made on the day.


All sporting equipment for the games will be provided. If you have a volleyball bring it along for warming up.

There will be a food stall selling drinks and snacks and we will also have a bbq throughout the day.