Summer Volleyball

Are you interested in playing volleyball in the blazing sun, on soft grass, with a few drinks between sets? Don't even bother answering that. OUVC is running two competitions for the grass season: one for teams of up to 4 players, one for teams of 2 players. The idea is that the first is more chilled out, while the second is a bit more hard-core, with double-touches called and FIVB rules applied. In both competitions, teams can be composed of all-male, all-female or mixed. The competitions are both ladders, where teams are ranked and you challenge teams a limited number of positions ahead of you. You arrange to play a match, and the team rankings are either unchanged or swapped, depending on who wins.

Registering a team

To register a team, you'll need to pay £20 to the club treasurer, Andreas Glawar. Then head to either: (chilled)
or (tepid)

In the twos ladder, a team composed of only OUVC members can register free, while teams with one OUVC member pay £10.

Finally, if you're interested in joining one of the ladders but can't find a team, contact us and we'll put you in touch with others in the same situation.


We welcome teams from Oxford colleges and departments, as well as any teams formed at Oxford Brookes University. Students and staff are equally eligible to play. This isn't Cuppers, which is a one-day grass tournament held on the 22nd May (to be confirmed). Therefore, teams do not have to represent a particular college. On the other hand, it is an excellent preparation for Cuppers.

When and where?

While matches can be played at any place or time that's mutually convenient, most will be played at University Parks (near the Keble entrance) from 1300 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In terms of nets and balls, many colleges have their own (see below for a list - if a net has been lost or if you discover a new one, please let us know). If you can't track one down, a number of club members have access to nets and balls, so you'll be able to borrow these if necessary. These arrangements have yet to be finalised, so contact Paul for more information.


Rules are up on the ladder sites (see under 'Information').

College nets

  • Wolfson - 1 net, 1 ball. Stored in the boat house, you need to sign out the volleyball locker key.
  • Christchurch - 1 net, 1 ball. The net is with Jana Orszhaghova.
  • St. John's - 1 net
  • Green Templeton - had 1 net, but unsure where it is now

If your college doesn't have a net/ball, talk to your sports rep. Generally, colleges are very happy to buy sports equipments. We strongly recommend SportSet - they sell a high-quality net for £225 while a high-quality ball costs £27. A cheaper ball is £16. A cheaper, but still solid, net is the Park & Sun Spectrum 179. I can't currently track this down in the UK, but it's sold on Amazon in the US for approx $130 (£88). You'll have to pay shipping and possibly import taxes, though.